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Retail businesses face a competitive landscape both on and offline. With so many options available to your consumers, it’s up to you to show customers the value of choosing your business, again and again, over big-box retailers or other brick-and-mortar stores.

Attracting new customers is most likely a part of your overall marketing strategy already, but the cost for gaining new customers can be significantly higher than the cost of selling more often to existing or prior customers. If you’re only spending your time and money on attracting new business, you’re missing a great opportunity. Loyalty programs help retailers from every angle – attracting new shoppers, building existing relationships, and maximizing customer lifetime value.

The COIN Loyalty system for omnichannel loyalty gives retailers all the tools they need to run flexible retail loyalty programs and outbound marketing initiatives to gain more repeat shoppers, stronger customer relationships, and attract new business. With COIN, your customers are no longer anonymous, one-time shoppers. They become known members and loyal advocates for your retail business.