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Pharmaceutical companies are taking big measures to boost sales of drugs while addressing patient adherence concerns by stepping up “loyalty card” programs. As more insurers and employers switch to pharmacy-benefit plans with tiered formularies to help control runaway health costs, the proliferation of discounts on certain prescription medications is gaining traction, observers say, because they enable patients to reduce out-of-pocket costs.

The big picture here is that manufacturers have many more options to connect with patients than simply having reps hand over samples to physicians. They can use loyalty programs including coupons or vouchers as a means of delivering samples to the patient; they can use these programs to boost a product launch or to increase patient adherence.

COIN’s Loyalty CRM point-of-sale based platform that enables drug manufacturers to build strong relationships with patients to augment clinical outcomes and maximize adherence to prescribed therapies. It also serves as a relationship marketing program, where patients can opt in to receive valuable clinical support and other incentives to remain adherent to their treatment. COIN helps Drug Manufacturers and Pharmacies in their aim to help consumers stay adherent to prescribed medications and ultimately achieve healthier patient outcomes.