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Automotive industry is one of those spheres where manufacturing process involves a lot of people responsible for quite different production aspects. Should You Be Loyalty Marketing? Are your customers truly loyal, or merely satisfied? There is a difference. You are fully capable of satisfying your customers. Thus, the implementation of a proper Customer Relationship System is a necessity.As a result, they have no difficulties to change the situation for the better making more revenues and leaving customers more satisfied.

The Coin enhances your marketing initiatives by distinguishing you from your competition and giving your customers a reason to return to you. Accumulating loyalty points from each service or parts transaction provides the opportunity to build a stronger relationship with your dealership. Since they can only collect their points at your dealership, the likelihood is much greater that they will keep coming back to increase their points balance – and eventually redeem them towards their next vehicle service.

Coin can enhance the customer experience in your dealership to drive loyalty:

1 Reward Schemes:

One way we can nurture customer retention is through rewards programmers. We’re not talking about expensive flashy promotions, instead think about low-cost loyalty incentives that customers value highly. A feature that enlists ‘best Performers’ in terms of store visits & purchase history. Here, the seller can review the list of customers who have constantly purchased and measure their loyalty level using the analytical algorithms. Top performing customers will get fruitful offers, rebates, and other service benefits.

2 Staying in touch:

As well as great customer service, Coin also relies on an effective customer communication strategy throughout their journey with your dealership.

3 Understand your customer:

An increasing number of dealerships are actively engaging with individual customers through targeted marketing campaigns. Informed by data, these dealers can send communications based on their needs, wants or even specific events. Consider sending offers on your customers’ birthday, or offer free winter checks to check vehicle safety. Check in with an email campaign after a service to check that they’re happy and act quickly to resolve any issues if they’re not. The more you understand each and every customer, the better their loyalty will become; giving you that all important boost to your bottom line.

4 Service plans:

With a 60% retention rate, service plans are a great way to create loyal customers and they’re a win-win situation for both dealers and customers.