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The Loyalty program of an Airline is a great way to attract and retain customers and analyze passenger trends. Unfortunately, most Loyalty programs are unable to provide enough information that can help build consistently good customer service. These programs are unable to identify and help retain high-value customers or even manage a wide variety of partners. There is a need to align customer spend with customer-value, rather than take a stock of the distance travelled.

Our COIN Loyalty Management System has been specifically designed to help Airlines increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. It is a comprehensive system that supports the entire gamut of a Loyalty program, from automating the accrual of points to tier management using a rules engine. The key features of the solution include:

• Higher visibility: 360-Degree view of customer transactions to improve service quality

• Prevention of fraud and misuse: Closer monitoring of accrual and redemption of miles to prevent frauds

• Reduced time-to-market: Through integrated workflows with business rules in the system

• Improved partner management: We help improve partnerships by better defining contracts for accrual and redemption of miles