• The secret to selling gift cards - whether physical or virtual - is making it easy for customers to find them when and where they are needed. And often times customers can't wait for a physical card and want the ability to immediately "gift" a friend or co-worker.
  • Gift cards are the most popular gift. Customers love them. So do businesses.
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COIN, an intelligent CRM Built for all sized customer-centric businesses, manages customer relationships from end to end. COIN provides Lucrative & Frugal business platform customizable for any industry standard. With in-built analytics engine, it will churn and validate your data to provide meaningful insights using Tableau dashboards leading to better business predictability and strategy. Loyalty Manager An approach ­towards Customer Relations­hip Management with m­ost advanced features. Loyalty manage­r is built to observe­ & deliver accurate b­usiness information t­o the users.

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    COIN will analyze the structured and unstructured customer and sales data to provide insights which will help you discover new customer relationships, spot emerging trends, and patterns, and maximize ROI.

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    Let your business nourish through effective promotion campaigns.COIN channelizes your potential customers to your storefront through proper audience targeting promotions.

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    Ecommerce business platform to set up your own virtual business space.Move with the flow, E-commerce is the trend and COIN lets you do that in less time & money

COIN CRM Customer Analytics

COIN will analyze the structured and unstructured customer and sales data to provide insights which will help you discover new customer relationships, spot emerging trends, and patterns, and maximize ROI. We will analyze the data to understand the demographic, behavior and intent of shifting customers and use it to get more conversion, reach, social engagement, & ROI. Based on the generated insights, we will run promotional marketing campaigns through social media channels, content marketing, and other digital marketing activities. With expertise in R Programming & Tableau Development we have been offering many insights to our clients and few among the lot are listed below

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Print Your Gift Card at Home

The convenience of a digital card with the personal touch of hand delivery

  • Your gift will be instantly sent to you as a .PDF!
  • Print it out at home, then fold it like any greeting card!
  • Hand it to your recipient to see their surprise in person
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    All you need is internet access! There's no software to download and the platform is extremely user-friendly. Customers can start signing up for your program in-store or via your website! The Data gathering has been designed in such a way that the user will not be bored with super lengthy data entry thus saving them time and effort.

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    The Portal have a seamless user friendly flow that guide the user to purchase gift card without any hassle. They can print that out in their home printer or can use the digital copy itself to avail the benefits of the card to its fullest

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    Tired of carrying around plastic cards in your wallet. Now you can create your own card digitally, Send Digitally, and use the digital format anywhere.

Our Industry Presence

One size doesn’t fit all, particularly not when it comes to loyalty programs. COIN loyalty CRM with multi domain features and expertise has proved it across all industries. COIN built for all sized customer-centric businesses, offers tools for managing customer relationships from end to end. COIN offers Lucrative & Frugal business platform customizable for any industry standard.


Retail businesses face a competitive landscape both on and offline. With so many options available to your consumers, it’s up to you to show customers the value of choosing your business, again and again, over big-box retailers or other brick-and-mortar stores. Attracting new customers is most likely a part of your overall marketing strategy already, but the cost for gaining new customers can be significantly higher than the cost of selling more often to existing or prior customers. If you’re only spending your time and money on attracting new business, you’re missing a great opportunity. Loyalty programs help retailers from every angle – attracting new shoppers, building existing relationships, and maximizing customer lifetime value. The COIN Loyalty system for omnichannel loyalty gives retailers all the tools they need to run flexible retail loyalty programs and outbound marketing initiatives to gain more repeat shoppers, stronger customer relationships, and attract new business. With COIN, your customers are no longer anonymous, one-time shoppers. They become known members and loyal advocates for your retail business.


Pharmaceutical companies are taking big measures to boost sales of drugs while addressing patient adherence concerns by stepping up “loyalty card” programs. As more insurers and employers switch to pharmacy-benefit plans with tiered formularies to help control runaway health costs, the proliferation of discounts on certain prescription medications is gaining traction, observers say, because they enable patients to reduce out-of-pocket costs. The big picture here is that manufacturers have many more options to connect with patients than simply having reps hand over samples to physicians. They can use loyalty programs including coupons or vouchers as a means of delivering samples to the patient; they can use these programs to boost a product launch or to increase patient adherence. COIN’s Loyalty CRM point-of-sale based platform that enables drug manufacturers to build strong relationships with patients to augment clinical outcomes and maximize adherence to prescribed therapies. It also serves as a relationship marketing program, where patients can opt in to receive valuable clinical support and other incentives to remain adherent to their treatment. COIN helps Drug Manufacturers and Pharmacies in their aim to help consumers stay adherent to prescribed medications and ultimately achieve healthier patient outcomes.


The fashion industry is an attractive one when you look at the numbers. With menswear estimated to be a $423 Billion industry and women’s fashion eclipsing that at $621 billion, the market is huge. Loyalty programs are becoming more commonplace in the fashion industry. They let sites of all sizes retain their customers and increase profitability. Loyalty Programs are the schemes offered to customer as reward for their cumulative patronage with the brand. It can be immediate or future incremental benefits to customer. COIN Loyalty Program can be offered.

  • As Loyalty schemes (cards) such as membership card with point accumulation for desired awards or special discounts.
  • Customer clubs such as Sams Club by Wal-Mart, Harley ownership club. Not very much prevalent in India.
  • Sales promotion such as free premium for continuous purchase, rebate or cash back.

A readymade garment retail establishment or a retail group may issue a loyalty card to a consumer and consumer can use the card as a identification means to be eligible for special discounts or point accumulation. Issuing COIN Loyalty card is better idea for retailers to track the consumer behavior towards their brands. In fact the behavior can be studied as brand behavior and further analyzed to know why customer is buying certain similar brands ignoring other brands on same parameters but slightly differs in offering.


If banks wish to create compelling loyalty programs that outcome those of competitors and have higher chances to retain customers, they shouldn’t overlook technological tools that provide valuable insights on customers and introduce new approaches to customer retention. One of the essential steps towards top-notch loyalty programs is to make the best use of a banking CRM system. It helps banks manage their customer database from one single place, segment customers not only according to their income level or demographic criteria, but also according to their lifestyles and purchasing behavior. COIN CRM with advanced analytical tools can help banks to launch smart reward programs with personalization goals at the first place. With a full view over customer database, COIN will help to identify and target the most profitable ones as well as eliminate those programs that do not deliver significant value. Using COIN banks can increase customer retention through loyalty programs using omnichannel view on customers’ rewards. COIN enables the user to view their loyalty points from any platform, be it mobile, tablet or desktop as well as set up automatic redemptions toward deposit accounts, credit lines or to purchase certain merchants’ gift cards.

Target Your Audience In The Best Possible Way

Coin loyalty helps you to connect with your new customer relationship factors and adopt new trends and patterns by using the latest artificial intelligence and RFM analysis. Based on behavior analysis running campaigns through various social media channels and digital marketing activities. and always get connected with your right customers at the right time.







What our Clients Say

Coin is really an intelligent CRM.It identify your inactive customers and helps you to activate them.
The client support from the team was really overwhelming.We are fully satisfied with the outcome.
COIN has helped me to overcome complex situations with the best solutions.

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